Who is part of your community of connection?

May 17, 2022

Recently I gathered with my women’s group from church, sharing a fabulous meal at my friend Jamie’s house – and I felt a deep sense of gratitude for friendships that stretch over the years. As we ate our dessert, I noticed a plaque above my friend’s fireplace that read “You are worthy of love and connection.”

Connection in an age of isolation is so critical to our well-being and is a reminder to me that the work of neighboring at Bridge of Hope is about building communities of support around moms facing homelessness.

Abby’s story is a reminder of the power of connection in healing trauma.

Time and time again, Abby found herself wondering why things weren’t changing. Traumatic experiences and the paralysis of anxiety led to increasing debt. However, the arrival of her daughter, Nova, gave Abby a ‘fire’ to make significant life changes for her little girl.

But doubt, loneliness, hopelessness, and anxiety kept creeping back into Abby’s life. “I was suffering panic attacks, I kept putting myself further into debt, I had no career, and I was slipping back into my old habits.”

With Bridge of Hope, Abby discovered a different path. Receiving case management helped her take control of her finances and establish a plan for paying down her debt. With her Neighboring Volunteers, she soon realized “the love, the accountability, a shoulder to cry on, the friendship, the advice, the help and support got me through some pretty rocky times!” Abby now sees that having people to call on, people who encourage her, is what is making the difference to help her succeed.

“There are and will be days that still won’t be easy, but I truly did learn a lot through Bridge of Hope! I have been in an apartment now and I’m budgeting and doing it all on my own!” Abby reflected recently. “I have learned so much and am beyond grateful for the time and resources Bridge of Hope invested in me. It completely changed my family’s future!”

Here’s a bit more of Abby’s story.

And remember, you are worthy of connection and love!

Edith Yoder, Chief Executive Officer


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Who is part of your community of connection?