Six to10 people from your Christian faith community can bring hope to families facing homelessness through Bridge of Hope Neighboring.

As a Neighboring Volunteer, you will…


Open your Heart

Give support, encouragement and build a relationship.




Open your Hands

Offer tangible, practical support, such as help looking for housing, childcare, transportation, or household furnishings. Host a dinner at your home or drop off an occasional meal when needed.



Open Doors

Use your personal and professional networks to help a family find housing, medical providers, employment, job training or other resources to support a family’s long-term success.



Open Your Eyes

As a faith community, your eyes will be opened – to the pain, trauma and resiliency of families facing homelessness, the brokenness in all of us, the significance of mutual relationships with others, and the importance of Neighboring as followers of Jesus. It’s all about making a true difference in the lives of others.


Please contact your local Bridge of Hope for more information.

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