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Our plan is to deepen our work in our founding two-county area and our current 20 locations, while extending our work nationally into more communities. 


Strategic Plan SUMMARY: 

  • We will increase the # of families with groups of Neighboring Volunteers served by 70%
  • by growing our annual financial support by 68%
  • and deepening our organizational cultural humility. 
  1. PROGRAM EXPANSION: Ending family homelessness is central to the Bridge of Hope mission; therefore, we desire to increase the number of families and neighboring volunteers served across the Bridge of Hope network in order to expand the reach of this mission.
    1. To focus our strategies on empowering and supporting the network to increase the number of families and groups of Neighboring Volunteers served by 70%, from 206 (2018/19) to 350+ (2022-23) parents and children (and from 376 to 600+ Neighboring Volunteers, by 3/31/2023, with a continued focus on benchmark achievements.
    2. To listen to the felt needs of the network and create strategies to help Bridge of Hope locations thrive and grow individually and collectively, fostering a network-wide culture that leads to serving more families, expanding fundraising, and increasing cultural humility. (includes a Cultural Humility goal*)
  2. DONOR DEVELOPMENT: Supporting the goal of serving more families as a Bridge of Hope network requires expanding financial resources, therefore, we desire to expand our circle of support and engage donors in meaningful relationships that mutually help them achieve their giving goals and deepen/expand the Bridge of Hope mission.
    1. To increase annual donation support by 68%, from $839,000 (in 2018/19) to $1,409,500 by 3/31/2023, to achieve success in taking on local programming work in two county founding region.
    2. To grow our endowment to $1M by 3/31/2026.
  3. STAFF AND BOARD DEVELOPMENT: Bridge of Hope recognizes the importance of meaningful representation of diverse perspectives to support the organizational mission, therefore, we commit to ensuring that the Bridge of Hope staff and board are racially and culturally diverse.
    1. To build racial diversity as a national staff from 7% to over 20% by 3/31/2023 and on our national board from 17% to over 20% people of color by 3/31/2022. (includes a Cultural Humility goal*)
    2. To assure board representation continuously includes at least one past Neighboring family member and/or Neighboring Volunteer by 3/31/2021.  (includes a Cultural Humility goal*)
  4. CULTURAL HUMILITY: Homelessness disproportionately impacts people of color across the country, therefore, Bridge of Hope commits to actively living out the principles of Cultural Humility to ensure that issues of power, privilege and prejudice are addressed while realizing the organizational mission.
    1. To assure cultural humility is present on every national board agenda, and at every conference and event.
    2. See goals above * indicated to include a Cultural Humility goal

“It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way,
an opportunity for the Lord’s grace to enter and do the rest.”
-Bishop Ken Untener