Become a Landlord Partner

You know the value of housing.
You understand the meaning of home.
Join us in strengthening our community.

Bridge of Hope is opening doors for families experiencing homelessness. As a landlord, you hold the key to a home and can make housing a reality for families facing homelessness.

How you can offer that vital first step

Families facing homelessness are often a single mother with 2 young children.  Faced with increasing obstacles, including wage barriers to affordable housing, domestic violence, and diminishing employment prospects, many find themselves paying more than half of their income on housing.

Through Bridge of Hope, families receive holistic services that find solutions to safe and sustainable housing, financial stability, including through employment, and strength and resiliency for every family member.  Bridge of Hope also connects each family with a group of 6-10 Neighboring Volunteers from a church, Bible study, or house church.  Neighboring provides the tangible and emotional supports we all need when going through a rough time, and provides a buffer to future crises so the family remains housed.

Benefits of renting to a family served by Bridge of Hope.

We provide:

  • Start-up costs: May include move-in costs, security deposit and first month’s rent.
  • Rental assistance: Provided on a decreasing basis to enable job skills training/education and debt reduction.
  • Money Management: participants receive direct assistance in developing money management skills.
  • Advanced Notice: In the event of any rental payment delay, the landlord is notified in advance. Bridge of Hope staff­ then works with the family to quickly remedy the situation.
  • Reduced advertising costs: We may have a family in need of housing when you have a vacancy.
  • Stable renters: Tenant education and support to families is provided.
  • Holistic support: Families receive case management services, regular home visits and support in all areas of their lives to promote overall stability. Neighboring Volunteers provide tangible support.
  • Neutral party to mediate problems: Despite best eff­orts, problems are sometimes inevitable. When problems arise, it can be reassuring to know you have someone to call. We value our relationships with landlords as much as we do the families we serve.
  • Avoid eviction: If there is reason to pursue eviction, Bridge of Hope can attempt to relocate the tenant while she is active in the program to avoid the process and consequences of eviction for all involved.
  • Help reduce homelessness in your community: Everyone deserves a safe and aff­ordable place to live. By helping to house families assisted by Bridge of Hope, you will play an integral role not only in helping individuals take charge of their lives, but also in making your community a better place to live.

It was wonderful to see the support that Bridge of Hope is able to off­er to their clients. As a landlord, I was impressed with the way that they go far beyond financial assistance, and o­ffer training and encouragement to empower the clients in many areas of life.

—A landlord partner with Bridge of Hope


Become a Landlord Partner

Please contact me about partnering to provide rental housing for families facing homelessness