Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story of Neighboring

Sarah, a single mother with two boys, explains that her daily work commute was four hours. The $8/hour that she earned in the medical field did not cover her gas, rent, and $1,600/month for child care. And, she had little time to spend with her sons.

Her time with Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area (PA) allowed Sarah to study (with help from her group of Neighboring Volunteers) and receive her medical assistant certification. This led to a higher paying job, and Sarah excelled at the budgeting skills she learned from her Bridge of Hope case manager.

As the video states, “Bridge of Hope is about reminding moms of what their dreams were and then being there to support them while they work toward those goals.”


Nayr’s Story

 Nayr’s life had hit a dead end. Despite a full-time job, she was stuck, living out of their car with no prospects of improvement save one: Bridge of Hope. Participation would require her to let down her guard and...

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Sarah’s Story