Focus on trend lines rather than snapshots

January 15, 2019

What you focus on matters!  It determines what you see. And what you see shapes who you become.  If you are a leader, what you focus on shapes what your organizational focus becomes as well.  That’s why our first value at Bridge of Hope is that we follow Jesus as our example in embodying love and holding out hope to families facing homelessness.

Dr. Stephen Julian, in his new book “Become the Leader You’d Love to Follow,” says it this way:  Focus on trend lines rather than snapshots.

This struck me recently as I was trying to discern an opportunity presented to Bridge of Hope.  Did this strategically fit within our mission?  Or was this a fleeting-moment thing that was not for us?  What I realized was that a snapshot doesn’t tell me much strategically – what’s going on behind the frozen faces in a snapshot is way more important than the photo itself.

My work as a leader is focusing on the trend lines – what’s the longer-view on our decisions and how we are living out our core values?  What is the trend line looking like?  What’s starting to emerge and what is waning?

Dr. Julian says it this way, “Healthy organizations aren’t perfect, they are headed in the right direction and know what is contributing to their success and what is continuing to hold them back…. Don’t let today’s variable conditions distract from the longer view.”

And so, despite other opportunities, we at Bridge of Hope stay focused on our values of Following Jesus. Embracing the Church. Choosing Hope.  This is the work God has called us to in ending family homelessness.

Wishing you a happy 2019, in which you can focus on trend lines rather than snapshots,

Edith Yoder
Executive Director

Focus on trend lines rather than snapshots