Bridge of Hope expands to the Greater Baltimore Region

October 22, 2019

Columbia, MD: Bridge of Hope, a national faith-based program for families facing homelessness is announcing the start of an affiliate in the greater Baltimore region.

Bridge of Hope combines professional case management services with Neighboring Volunteers from local Christian faith communities, such as churches or Bible studies, to end homelessness, and provide encouragement and tangible support. This proven national model ensures families facing homelessness attain safe and sustainable housing, tools for strengthening their family, an improved financial position, and supportive relationships.

Matt Judon, of the Baltimore Ravens, learned about Bridge of Hope and offered a donation of seed money to start the program in the Baltimore region, where he lives. Matt’s goal is to help families who face the challenges of poverty and homelessness. He explained, “Single parents and their kids can feel like they are alone and that others don’t understand what they’re going through.  Bridge of Hope gets the community involved and gives the families a shoulder to lean on.”

A founding board has convened to launch the program with a goal to begin serving families across the region in early 2020.  You can help!  For every dollar you give, by December 31, Matt Judon will match your gift, dollar for dollar up to $13,000.

Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church in Columbia MD has successfully used the Bridge of Hope model to help a single mother and her five children find housing through Help End Homelessness Howard County, achieve financial and personal goals, and thrive.  Bridge of Hope Greater Baltimore Region looks forward to working collaboratively with all churches for neighboring opportunities and with other Baltimore region service providers as a referral source for post-shelter or aftercare services.

If you have questions or would like to get involved, please contact Sue Ashman at or Anne Dunnenberger, National Director of Outreach at 610-280-0280 or

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Bridge of Hope expands to the Greater Baltimore Region