A duck, giving thanks & you!

October 27, 2020

Surprises can bring us moments of laughter!

This “duck” photo was sent to me after a hike organized by Bridge of Hope alumna (women who have been in Bridge of Hope), who gathered to share about their experiences and enjoy the beauty of autumn. The photo was not what I expected – and it made me laugh out loud.

One Bridge of Hope alumna reflected, “While in Bridge of Hope, what seemed to stand out for all of us was experiencing true empathy, not sympathy, from our Neighboring Volunteers and staff. We felt listened to and helped in so many ways. We have in turn been able to show empathy to others as we pass it on. Our Neighboring Volunteers rallied around us with no agenda of their own. And they celebrated our children with us.”

This sense of gratitude from past Bridge of Hope families was deeply moving to me.

Just as we are so grateful for you, our community of incredibly generous Bridge of Hope supporters. You are making these experiences possible for more and more mothers and children facing homelessness.

This past year, your support made it possible to serve 22% more families. Your generosity continues to be poured out on vulnerable families even in these past months when things haven’t felt predictable. New supporters have joined the Bridge of Hope giving community, more of you are now giving monthly, some of you have donated cars, you’ve given grocery gift cards, stimulus checks and “over and above” gifts.

You are an abundantly giving community, and I simply and humbly want to say – thank you! You are changing lives, providing homes for children and their moms (and a few dads), and surrounding families with the support of Neighboring Volunteers who are demonstrating Christ’s love.

You are making a difference and we are so grateful!

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Edith Yoder
Chief Executive Officer


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A duck, giving thanks & you!