Unaffordable Rent

It’s a sign we need to do more.

Help families end homelessness
by raising $150,000 by August 15.

Unaffordable housing is a crisis, and you can help to solve it. With your support, Bridge of Hope will find housing opportunities for more families facing homelessness this year.

Consider families like Ariana and her two young children, who were moving between homes of family and friends and living out of a car as they searched for months for an affordable apartment. Her participation in Bridge of Hope programs ended her journey of homelessness. “I never want to be homeless again,” Arian says. With your help today, we can ensure more mothers like Ariana find stable, affordable housing this coming year.

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Your gift toward our goal of $150,000 this summer will help find more affordable housing for Bridge of Hope families and provide resources and better employment opportunities to improve their financial position.

With housing so unaffordable, we can’t afford to ease up on our efforts. And with your support we won’t. End the cycle of homelessness for families by raising $150,000 by August 15.

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Unaffordable Rent