Moms are Superheroes

Impossible. Full of complications. A struggle to stay afloat. A piling on of barriers. That’s what facing homelessness as a single mom feels like most days.

Anika* is a single mom of two girls, six and nine years old. Their apartment has a mold issue and she and the girls have been sick on and off for the past year.  She needs to find a new place that is safe for her children, but her income alone doesn’t qualify her for any apartments she has found so far.

Her plate is full and every direction she turns has another obstacle. She is solely responsible for finding a safe place to live and bringing in the income to pay for it, as well as other costs like food, utilities, healthcare, and clothing. It is exhausting and all-consuming to the point where she often ignores her own needs to make sure that her daughters have everything they need. Many days are just survival.

Anika and her family need Bridge of Hope.

Will you provide Anika’s family, and others like them, with a support system of neighboring relationships and a safe place to live?

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Single moms like Anika are superheroes – they make their kids a priority every single day. They navigate through impossible situations. Everyone needs support sometimes though.

In Bridge of Hope, rental assistance will be provided to keep them afloat while they build stability. Neighboring Volunteers will step up to provide childcare, rides to school, meals to lighten busy times. They will help with move-in day and give the mom time for herself so she can go to the laundromat without the kids, get a haircut, or have a moment to herself.

You can help a struggling single mom and her children. Your gift by March 31 will help provide housing and Neighboring Volunteers to families facing homelessness.

Will you make a gift to Bridge of Hope and help a mom like Anika have a safe place to raise her children with the encouragement and support that will enable her to thrive?

            $58 provides one day of housing and support to end homelessness.

            $116 provides two days of housing and support for a family, like Anika’s.

            $406 provides one week of housing and support.

A gift of any size will help families find housing, jobs and support.

Will you partner with us in what God is doing through Bridge of Hope – ending family homelessness and loving our neighbors?

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To give by check, mail to: P.O. Box 304, Exton PA 19341





Moms are Superheroes