Coronavirus Response Fund

The Bridge of Hope National board of directors has established the Coronavirus Response Fund to provide additional support to families in the program, and to serve more families as a result of this crisis. The Board has established a goal of $60,000 by July 31 and every Board member has pledged their support.

Every family Bridge of Hope serves has been impacted by coronavirus. Most are either currently unemployed or are working as nursing assistants and in the food industry as front line workers.  For some, childcare closed just when their employers needed essential workers more than ever. Single moms are juggling homeschooling, and quite a few have children with compromising health issues. Even if rent isn’t being collected, back rent is accruing and future payments looming. Calls for help are increasing as more families are facing homelessness.

The Bridge of Hope Coronavirus Response Fund will be used as follows:

  • To meet the critical, acute needs of families we are currently serving, including additional rental assistance and family emergency funds in Lancaster and Chester County, PA, including families with family members who are immune compromised or have contracted COVID-19.
  • To serve more families than we had initially planned to serve in the next three months, based on the growing need.
  • To provide Personal Protective Equipment for case managers and families we serve.
  • To provide leadership support to the directors of our 20 locations, assuring they have the support they need in this time of pandemic, as leaders of small nonprofits are struggling to find the right path forward.
  • To provide case manager support for frontline staff in our 20 locations as they find creative ways to support families facing homelessness and engage new Neighboring churches.
  • 10% of the fund will go to locations in the Bridge of Hope network who are able to launch more neighboring groups and families in January-September 2020 than in January-September 2019.

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In January, Alexis and her family were on the verge of eviction, when she contacted Bridge of Hope. We connected her with Lori, an alumni of Bridge of Hope from a decade ago who gratefully remembered the support she received in Bridge of Hope and wanted to help another woman in need. Lori operates a growing cleaning company. Because Alexis does not have a car, Lori drives the extra half hour to give Alexis rides to and from work. They quickly developed a good working relationship, and friendship.

The coronavirus, however, changed everything. Stay-at-home orders deemed Lori’s business nonessential, so Alexis is out of work. She has not received unemployment and was unable to pay rent for May. Bridge of Hope has increased rental assistance to the family beyond the originally budgeted amount. But their bills are accumulating.

In these uncertain days of physical distancing, isolation and financial strain, your support means more than ever. Please give today to support families facing homelessness.



Coronavirus Response Fund