A DIY Fundraising Opportunity

#SleepOut for #BridgeOfHope to #EndFamilyHomelessness!

Who:  You! . . . & invite Family Members & Friends (neighbors, co-workers, gym buddies, book club, small group, Sunday school class, youth group, etc.)  to #SleepOut with you or sponsor you.

What: Host a #SleepOut to raise awareness that many family members in our community and nation do not have homes or beds of their own.

Where:  #SleepOut at your house, church, in your car, or at a gym or campground.

When:  It’s a DIY, so anytime that works for you and your group to #SleepOut.

Why:  Because when you take time away from your own comfy bed to #SleepOut, you are helping Bridge of Hope end family homelessness!

Resources for your #SleepOut event:

1.  “Join me” flier to invite people to your #SleepOut

2. “Sponsor me” sheet to ask individuals to sponsor you as you #SleepOut

3. Ideas for #SleepOut event activities

4. Tracking form to keep track on your sponsors

5. Poster  – Add your city & state and print. Take photos at your #SleepOut and post on social media using the hashtags #SleepOut  #BridgeofHope  #EndFamilyHomelessness

Please contact Lila Stoeckle at LilaS@bridgeofhopeinc.org or 866-670-HOPE ext.1002 with any questions.