Strangers can resurrect hope!

March 19, 2024

They began as strangers. Janine met her Bridge of Hope Neighboring Volunteers for the first time in one of their homes, during an evening of snacks, games and get-to-know you activities. It was pretty stressful and scary for Janine to meet nine new people who were basically committing to being her support on her journey out of homelessness. Even the Neighboring Volunteers admitted they felt nervous!

As they drove to meet her Neighboring Volunteers, Janine told one of the Bridge of Hope staff, “I’ve had the jitters all day. I almost called to tell you I can’t do this. But I knew Alyssa (her 5-year-old daughter) and Jasper (age 7) would have been so disappointed. They are excited to meet their new friends!”

Fears were conquered and the evening was truly the beginning of a beautiful relationship, even though it’s had its ups and downs. Strangers became Neighbors – and friends!

Each week across the Bridge of Hope network, families facing homelessness are meeting their Neighboring Volunteers for the first time. The Body of Christ is alive and well!

The start of a new journey, new relationships, a new life path is both terrifying and hopeful.  Moms facing homelessness feel that newness, that anxiety, at the thought of meeting strangers who have committed to walking with them on the journey out of homelessness.

Neighboring Volunteers often admit to similar feelings of nervousness mixed with anticipation.

This is a beautiful journey as we see churches pull together a group of 6-10 Neighboring Volunteers and start this journey together – from strangers to neighbors! God is in the midst of this journey as families and volunteers both learn from each other and together grow in how they see each other and the world around them.

This is a kind of resurrection, filled with hope and new life, as both families facing homelessness and Neighboring Volunteers take steps toward something new. And God is in it!

As we approach Palm Sunday and Easter, may you too see resurrection and hope in new places and new relationships in your life.

With Joy,

Edith Yoder
Chief Executive Officer

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Strangers can resurrect hope!