What’s your God-moment gratitude for this Thanksgiving week?

November 21, 2023

God is at work. Every day. And our work at Bridge of Hope provides a front seat in watching for and naming the ways we see God at work on behalf of families facing homelessness. We call them “God moments.” Recently in the midst of a crazy busy week, I invited staff to share with each other where they were seeing God at work.

The responses took my breath away.

God’s heart is tuned in to moms and children facing homelessness, in a special way. And it’s clear that the Spirit moves so many people, every day, to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the vulnerable families we serve.

Here’s just a few of the recent God-moments:

  • A Bridge of Hope alumna from 10 years ago who shared that “Bridge of Hope changed the trajectory of my life.”
  • A lawyer helping a mom in Bridge of Hope learned that the mom was accepted into Bridge of Hope and needed housing. She called Bridge of Hope and shared that she just bought a house and wants to rent it to the family at an affordable monthly rent. And, unbeknownst to the lawyer, the house she bought is two blocks from the Neighboring Church that the Bridge of Hope family was matched with!
  • A Neighboring Volunteer took Emma, an eight year old girl in Bridge of Hope, to the zoo. The Neighboring Volunteer shared, “The joy I felt in sharing the afternoon with Emma is something I will treasure for a long time. Emma loved the tigers and I loved watching her completely enjoy herself.”
  • A business couple recently donated funds for a Bridge of Hope location to purchase a house, in order to provide affordable housing for a family. That’s a huge God-moment! And many other God-moments have happened around that house as well. Some plumbing work was needed and the plumber said it would be approximately $2,500 for work to be done. But a few days later, he called back and said, “If we can do the work today, we’ll do it for free. A job we had lined up for today was canceled.” So the entire plumbing project was completed for free!
  • A Bridge of Hope family met their Neighboring Volunteers on a Saturday evening and all sorts of connections and sweet moments happened between the family and the Neighboring Volunteers. Then the next morning, the mom and her children showed up at the Neighboring Church for their church service!
  • A small church formed a Neighboring Volunteer group for a family in their town. One-third of the church (10 people) are now neighboring!
  • A woman owned a condo that she had been using as an income-generating rental for over 30 years. Recently, she felt moved to donate it as a way to make an impact toward creating affordable housing and avoid paying capital gains tax. She selected Bridge of Hope as the recipient for her 2 bedroom condo!

In both big and small ways, God is at work on behalf of moms and children facing homelessness!

Whatever you have to offer – whether large or small – God can use your talents and treasure to change the trajectory of a child’s or mom’s life who today is facing homelessness.

Give thanks with us!

Edith Yoder, Chief Executive Officer


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What’s your God-moment gratitude for this Thanksgiving week?