What are the pieces to the puzzle to end family homelessness?

October 18, 2023

Bridge of Hope helped me find a place to live! And helped make a way when I didn’t see a way forward. My Neighboring Volunteers’ belief in me changed everything,” Layna recently told me.

Ten years ago, Bridge of Hope helped me get a nursing degree and the salary increase from being a certified nursing assistant to becoming a registered nurse has made all the difference for my ability to support my children today,” Monica told me on the phone this morning.

Housing. Increased income. Supportive relationships. These are three of the significant pieces to the puzzle in ending family homelessness!

And here’s how you have impacted and helped transform lives this past year:

• 88% of families exit Bridge of Hope with stable housing
• 82% of moms increase their income while in Bridge of Hope
• 92% of families experienced care and support from their Neighboring Volunteers

Nation-wide, early studies are showing a 37% increase in family homelessness from 2022 to 2023. Monthly average rent paid by Bridge of Hope families has increased from $804 (2019-20) to $1,277 (2022-23). And calls for help have increased by 284% in that same time period.

But for Monica, Layna and many others, you have helped put the pieces together in the struggle to end family homelessness.

More impact on more families! Thank you!


Edith Yoder
Chief Executive Officer


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What are the pieces to the puzzle to end family homelessness?