You already know that every mom, every child, matters

September 20, 2022

Jasmine, Cierra, Jessica, Arianna, Kekki, Abby – every name means homelessness ended for a single mom and her children; a family that weathered many challenges to reach stability.

Our 2021-22 Impact Report is now available online. Because you’ve supported Bridge of Hope in many different ways this past year, our national network was able to serve 21% more families. Thank you for helping make an impact on each mom, each child!

Cierra says, “Without Bridge of Hope’s help, I don’t know what I would’ve done. I left a relationship that was financially, mentally, and physically abusive. I had not a dollar to my name. I had no family around. I am so lucky and blessed to have had their support through this journey to independence.”

Thirteen-year-old Aaron and his mom were also served by Bridge of Hope this past year. They moved into an apartment with the help of their Neighboring Volunteers and are building upon those relationships. With temporary rental assistance, part of our program resources, Aaron’s mom paid off significant debt and is on the journey toward financial wellness and family stability. Another mom reflects, “Bridge of Hope offered me the opportunity to give my children the stability they needed… something I was not able to give them by myself.”

Although we celebrate the impact from this past year, we must forge on as calls for help have significantly surged more than any time in the past decade. While September has typically been a time of settling back into school routines for many children, a growing number of children are experiencing increased stress and anxiety due to housing instability.

You can say yes to another family facing homelessness by gathering a group of 6-10 Neighboring Volunteers from your church, Bible study or Life Group to make an impact on more mothers, more children. Join us as we continue to answer God’s call to love our neighbor.

Edith Yoder, CEO


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You already know that every mom, every child, matters