Walking Alongside and Practicing Cultural Humility

June 16, 2021

As we lean more deeply into our newest core value we embarked on two initiatives directly related to practicing cultural humility in Bridge of Hope programming.

  • A self-administered half-day audit of program, governance, vendors, talent, and finances was completed by members of the National leadership team and board.
  • Racial Equity Partners (REP) is conducting a Racial Equity Audit of Bridge of Hope program delivery over the coming months. REP’s team brings together decades of experience leading racial justice work across many sectors, most notably housing and homelessness. The project includes a review of program policies/procedures and data and incorporates surveys and focus groups of staff, families, Neighboring Volunteers and other key partners from across the network.

This introspection coincides with an update to our Strangers to Neighbors® training materials for Neighboring Volunteers. It will assist us in enhancing program delivery experiences for Black and Brown families in Bridge of Hope, identifying and addressing within Bridge of Hope programming any disparities in outcomes experienced by families of color, and deepening our understanding of the effectiveness and ongoing training needs of Neighboring Volunteers and staff as it relates to cultural humility.

We are energized by these tangible opportunities to strengthen our services for families of color and to more fully equip volunteers from a diverse array of Christian faith communities to walk alongside them.

Andrea Popielski, Chief Mission Officer

Walking Alongside and Practicing Cultural Humility