Music Brings us Together

August 23, 2018

Earlier this month, we concluded our year-long celebration of 30 years of ending family homelessness with a beautiful concert!  As I sat and listened to two amazing musicians – Liz Fulmer and Mackenzie Paige – I realized what a beautiful treat it was to hear them both weave together sacred and secular songs.  Madeleine L ’Engle, in her book, Walking on Water, says it this way:

There is nothing so secular that it cannot be sacred,
and that is one of the deepest messages of the Incarnation.

Music comes to us in many genres, with diverse rhythms, lyrics and origins.  Hip-hop and Hymns.  Blues and Bluegrass.  Lullabies and Latin.  Gospel and Classical.  Music has the power to break the barriers of language, theology, and cultural differences.  Music helps us create community.

On August 9, music brought a diverse group of people together to our Celebration of Hope event.  Bobby McFerrin’s hit song from 1988, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” brought smiles to faces as we watched this 1 minute video, celebrating Bridge of Hope’s 30 years.  (Yes, that’s right, 30 years ago, we were all singing along!)

During the concert, National Board Chair, Doug Martin and I shared some exciting news!  After 30 years of ending homelessness, Bridge of Hope has just completed a program innovation phase that will ensure our services remain relevant in today’s world.  By updating our programming, language and training curriculum we will better meet the current needs of a changing homeless population and the changing church.  Eighteen months ago, we entered the quiet phase of our first ever campaign – Strangers to Neighbors Initiative – for $1 million over 3 years. This funding will cover development of new programming and training curriculum to elevate our programming, serve more families and Neighboring Volunteers and serve them in even better ways in the years ahead.  To learn more, visit our website.

With music as our gathering point, we announced with delight that we are 75% of the way toward our $1 million campaign goal.  100% of our board and staff have made a financial commitment to this campaign, along with over 50 other businesses, families and individuals.  You’ll hear more about this campaign in the months ahead!

Bridge of Hope is weaving together the sacred and the secular by engaging ordinary people of faith in the sacred work of ending family homelessness – and doing it in fresh and innovative ways.

May this work of turning Strangers into Neighbors be something we all do!

And may music draw us together,

Edith Yoder
Executive Director

Music Brings us Together