A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

The Struggle IS Real! The Solution is You!

As spring approaches, perhaps you are dreaming of some home-improvement projects around your house. Families like Jasmina and her two boys, who found Bridge of Hope two years ago, dream of a place to live that is safe and sustainable. We all share the desire to have a safe, secure place to call home.

The struggle to end homelessness is real for women with children who are facing eviction, sleeping on a friend’s couch or living in a temporary shelter. Families are often one crisis away from homelessness.  But you can be part of the solution!

Consider a gift of HOME…

H – a gift of $50 toward HOPE for moms facing homelessness

O – a gift of $100 toward expanded OPPORTUNITIES for homeless children

M – a gift of $300 toward MORE communities engaging churches to end family homelessness

E – a gift of $500+ toward expanding or growing or engaging more Neighboring Volunteers from Christian faith communities as part of the solution.

Your gift by March 31 will help us launch 3 more locations and meet our goal of serving over 300 women and children this next year. Will you make a gift at this time?

Be a part of the solution. Homelessness can end for one more family when you respond.