A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Remembering Carmen Duque Robicheaux

We are grateful to Ronald Robicheaux, Steven & Heather Duque, and Pamela & Timothy Dailey for inviting gifts to Bridge of Hope National in memory of Carmen.  We keep her family & friends in our thoughts and prayers.

We are thankful for these gifts in memory of Carmen, which will help to end homelessness for single mothers & children across the country:

  • ACMA of Greater Houston
  • Maria Baula
  • Robert Cecot
  • Joan and John Dailey
  • Josephine Duque-Dominque
  • Lorenzo and Maria Dumantay
  • Carlos and Fe Dumlao
  • Anecita Fadol
  • Don Foronda
  • Vincent Foster
  • Robert Glazer
  • Michele Gocuay
  • Mary Isensee
  • Colleen Jernigan
  • Erlinda Jucaban
  • Edna Kim
  • Cheryl Jalfon Lefkowitz
  • Imelda Malapitan
  • Marjorie Montenegro
  • Caroline Moore
  • Arthur Papas
  • Precious Blood Apostalate USA
  • John Reyes and Family
  • SABS Advanced Welding Technology
  • Michele Savino 
  • Meghan Shaner and Shaner/Courtney families
  • Agnes Tan
  • Thoracic Orthopedic Patient Access – MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Esperanza Trinidad
  • George Trompeta

We celebrate Carmen’s life and legacy.

Carmen Duque Robicheaux, 59, died peacefully in her home after a brief but brave battle with cancer on the 29th of June, 2014, in Houston, Texas.

Carmen was born on the 16th of September, 1954, in Iloilo, Philippines, to Concepcion Sison Dumayas, who survives, and the late Dr. Rodolfo Dumayas, Sr. She is also survived by her children, Pamela Dailey and Steven Duque; her husband, Ronald Robicheaux; her siblings, Dr. Ellen Abelita, Dea Tulio, Dr. Rodolfo Dumayas, Jr., Danthea Dumayas, Malili Baula, Dr. Zarah Diaz, and Vincent Dumayas; her granddaughter, Aurora Duque; and many beloved nieces, nephews, extended family, and friends.

Carmen was a voracious reader and lifelong student. At 57, she earned a Master of Science in Nursing Education degree from the University of Texas in Tyler. Carmen used her education to help others-most recently as a 12-year veteran case manager at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, after serving in case manager and nursing roles as a Registered Nurse in various Houston hospitals.

At 24, Carmen came to the United States, first to Nashville, Tennessee, before making her way to Houston, Texas. As a Houstonian, she was a pioneer, serving as a catalyst for her sisters’ choice of Houston as their new home. It was Houston where Carmen met her first husband, Ricardo Duque; raised her children as a single mother after he passed away in 1991; and met her second husband, Ronald Robicheaux, whom she married in 2004.

First and foremost, Carmen defined herself as a mother, often working more than one job to provide formal educations for Pamela and Steven at St. Thomas’ Episcopal School and Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, before they attended Yale and Harvard, respectively, for their undergraduate degrees. A spirited adventurer, Carmen traveled extensively with Ron, Pamela, Steven, her siblings and mother. A proud homeowner in Southwest Houston, Carmen worked tirelessly on renovations of her house, where she was the frequent host of gatherings among friends and family.