Bridge of Hope National will train your nonprofit organization to implement Bridge of Hope services as part of your programming.  Bridge of Hope Program Sites offer full Bridge of Hope program services and train church-based volunteers, using our Strangers to Neighbors® curriculum, to walk alongside families facing homelessness and build Neighboring relationships that demonstrate Christ’s love.

Bridge of Hope National is available to provide more information and to answer your questions.

Your nonprofit may be ready to implement the Bridge of Hope program if you can:

  • Designate which staff will provide the Bridge of Hope program case management services. Bridge of Hope case management is family-centered and practices from a strengths-based and trauma-informed approach, all within a spirit of cultural humility.
    • *note: The Case Manager criteria is a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in social work (B.S.W.) or a bachelor’s degree in a similar field with at least 3 years of case-management experience.
    • Bridge of Hope National provides:
        All program resources and Bridge of Hope specific trainings.
        Ongoing support from our Masters level social work staff.
  • Provide temporary rental assistance over 6-12 months for each family served.
    • *note: If rental assistance funds are not available through your organization’s operating budget, we recommend connecting to a local agency that is already providing this service, or applying for a local grant. Bridge of Hope has resources to help you. 
  • Identify staff or board who will be responsible for church engagement:
    • Connect with churches, small groups or Bible studies to recruit Neighboring Volunteers.
        typically 6-10 volunteers from one Christian faith community for each family served.
  • May facilitate Strangers to Neighbors® training with each group of Neighboring Volunteers.
  • Bridge of Hope provides the full curriculum, facilitator’s training and associated resources.

Ready to learn more? You can download the Program Site brochure by filling out the form below. We’ll also keep you connected with future updates about the work of Bridge of Hope. We can’t wait to help you join the Neighboring movement!

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If you would like to speak with us directly, please contact Anne Dunnenberger, Director of Outreach at 866-670-4673 X1008 or