On the way to Bethlehem…

December 19, 2018

Our journey to Bethlehem carries with it both the joys and sufferings of all of life.

As families once pained by homelessness now feel the comfort of a home of their own, through Bridge of Hope, so all of us carry some pain from the past year(s) that stays with us.  And yet – there is something about this baby, this God-among-us, that reminds us that our own vulnerability is acknowledged by a vulnerable God.

I love this poem by Ann Weims, a fierce and wonderful poet whose son was killed and who lives with the daily awareness of joy and pain mingled together.

Yesterday’s Pain
By Ann Weims

In the godforsaken, obscene quicksand of life,
there is a deafening alleluia
Rising from the souls of those who weep,
And of those who weep with those who weep.
If you watch, you can see
the hand of God
putting the stars back in their skies
One by one.
Yesterday’s Pain.
Some of us walk in Advent
tethered to our unresolved yesterdays.
The pain still stabbing.
The hurt still throbbing.
It’s not that we don’t know better:
It’s just that we can’t stand up anymore by ourselves.
On the way of Bethlehem, will you give us a hand?

This Christmas, I see the vulnerability of life in our newborn grandson. I feel the vulnerability of so many in our world.  And so it is that I am grateful, that “on the way of Bethlehem,” Neighboring Volunteers in Bridge of Hope and many others around our world, through many organizations doing Kingdom work, are truly lending a hand when others can’t stand up anymore by themselves.  Joy to the world, the Lord has come!


Edith Yoder
Executive Director

On the way to Bethlehem…