Know anyone interested in working for Bridge of Hope?

October 31, 2019

Would you help us spread the word?

Who do you know who is passionate about partnering with churches and with families facing homelessness?

Bridge of Hope is seeking two experienced, engaging and committed Directors – one for Lancaster County, PA and another for Chester County, PA.  These Directors will be responsible for directing and implementing the work of Bridge of Hope in Lancaster and Chester Counties.  These positions include church engagement and recruitment, training for groups of Neighboring Volunteers, supervising staff, working with the community board, public relations and networking, overseeing the family entry process and providing case-management for 4-5 families. They are full-time positions, with flexible hours including some evenings and weekends.  To learn more about the Lancaster position, visit and to learn more about the Chester County position, visit

I hope you’ll share this with someone who you think might have interest!  Help us spread the word about these important positions opening!

Know anyone interested in working for Bridge of Hope?