Everyone gets to play

February 19, 2019

Everyone gets to Neighbor.  We all get to live out the invitation to love our neighbors, both near and far, including neighbors who feel cast aside and who are facing homelessness.

John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement of churches, used to say, “Everyone gets to play.”  He meant that “everyone gets to minister, everyone gets to hear from God, everyone has a part to play in this church and in this world, everyone gets to speak life and healing, to pray and to serve, to lead and to follow. When it comes to the Kingdom of God, everyone gets to play.” (Sarah Bessey, Out of Sorts, page 40).

Recently I was having coffee in the Electric Brew, in Goshen, Indiana, (fun place if you get to Goshen!) and my friend Shannan pointed to a woman sitting with her son at a nearby table and said she was a Neighboring Volunteer with Bridge of Hope at her church.  So I introduced myself and was struck by two things she told me about her experience as a Neighboring Volunteer:  she was so excited to be a part of Bridge of Hope AND she felt so supported by the training, the case-manager and other Neighboring Volunteers.  That sounds like a win for everyone, including the family she is neighboring.

Everyone gets to play!  Everyone gets to Neighbor!  Families facing homelessness are part of the neighborhood you and I can impact in our day to day lives.  Don’t watch from the sidelines, get involved.  You may just find the sense of fulfillment you’re seeking.  Join the neighboring movement!

Edith Yoder
Executive Director


Everyone gets to play