Curiosity in Leadership and Life

March 19, 2019

Are you curious?  Curious about what is working and what isn’t?  Curious about how one small tweak in a system might have a ripple effect?  What might happen if I invite the kids to each tell a story about their day during dinner?  What might happen if I listen at a deeper level when staff raise questions?

Curiosity has been called the greatest leadership trait.  I find that the more curious I am, the more possibilities open up.

As a leader, I am so grateful to be surrounded by a team of people at Bridge of Hope who have ideas often much better than my own.  Together the curiosity of what we’re seeing and experiencing, opens up new ways of thinking and doing the work that God has called us to do for families facing homelessness.  Curiosity is part of what it means to become our best selves in work and life.

Whether you are a supervisor, a nonprofit leader, business owner, chief family and household operator, or whatever your role, I hope we’ll all become more curious and then use curiosity for self-improvement and to push forward the good work God has called us to do in this world.

And if you are curious about Bridge of Hope and neighboring, here’s a 30 second video clip for you.

Wishing you a new sense of curiosity, in leadership, work, and especially in life!

Edith Yoder
Executive Director

Curiosity in Leadership and Life