3 Families, Quarantine Week 2

March 25, 2020

In this time of isolation and uncertainty, imagine facing homelessness as well. Bridge of Hope has the opportunity to help three families who are immediately facing homelessness. Current Bridge of Hope Neighboring Volunteers are meeting needs for food, housing and connection during these social distancing and quarantine days – using video chat, Facebook messaging and meals left on porches. Neighboring is having a profound impact on the families we serve.

And right now there are three more families who need Neighboring.  Will you help us help them by donating toward our goal of $12,355 by the end of March?

Here is just one story: Ana and her children moved in with her father when she lost her apartment. He is on a limited income, and didn’t have much to help her, but a spare bedroom. Ana is a nurse’s aide, and was planning to take a job, save some money, and get back on her feet. But, her father is immunocompromised, and now it isn’t safe for Ana to work while living at his home. Without Bridge of Hope she will need to choose between working or housing.

The Coronavirus is impacting everyone’s lives right now, especially families facing homelessness.  Any gift toward our goal of $12,355 will help provide stability for Ana and 2 more families. Every gift and every story matters.

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3 Families, Quarantine Week 2