Annual Giving Fund

When Laurel found Bridge of Hope, she was 40 years old with three teenagers and pregnant. She had just left her husband whose addiction had crushed her family.  She needed support.  She felt empty and exhausted.  Looking back, Laurel believes that she found Bridge of Hope just when she needed it most. After struggling for a year with depression and anxiety, leaving her husband and facing homelessness, Bridge of Hope staff and her Neighboring Volunteers from a church in her community helped Laurel gently see herself in new ways.

“I never felt I was good enough. But I’m learning that it’s ok to have flaws and that God loves me regardless – and so do Joy and the other Neighboring Volunteers.” Laurel’s cleaning business has grown as she has gained confidence in herself. “I’ve come a long way,” Laurel declares, “I’m happier and more content and that makes me a better mom, both for my teens and for the baby.”

Whatever you can give between now and December 31 will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the John L. Mulvaney Foundation, up to $25,000.  Your gift can help more families facing homelessness – like Laurel and her children – get the support and love they need through Neighboring Volunteers from a church.

Will you help us meet this challenge match?   Every dollar gets us closer to this challenge match!

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Annual Giving Fund