Home for Felix and His Mom

Felix is a typical 7-year-old boy who doesn’t sit still – he likes monster trucks, his second grade teacher and seeing his friends at school.

Felix, his mom and little sister had to move in with a family friend, all three sharing one bedroom.

Felix is excited about the possibility of having a room all to himself when his mom finds a new home – he wants to put monster truck posters on the walls! But he is worried that moving to a new place could mean having to switch schools.

For Lucia, Felix’s mom, it’s difficult to live “doubled up” like this, constantly feeling like she has to live on someone else’s schedule. She is very cautious not to get in the way and to clean up after themselves – it feels like walking on eggshells.

Will you help Lucia and her family? Your gift will provide a safe place they can call home.




Lucia reached out to Bridge of Hope for help. Her case manager and Neighboring Volunteers are helping the family to look for a place of their own, but affordable housing options are slim right now.

The whole family needs love and support from a group of Neighboring Volunteers. Connections from Lucia’s group could help the family find housing in their current school district. Supportive Neighboring relationships developed in Bridge of Hope can also help to move families beyond traumatic experiences such as homelessness, and encourage the process of healing.

With your help, Felix can have a bedroom of his own with monster truck posters and a place to do his school work without interruption, and other children like Felix can find stability too.

Your gift of…

$58 provides one day of housing and support

$116 provides two days of housing and support

$500 provides case management services for one family for a month

Gifts of every size will help families find housing, jobs and support.



To give by check, mail to: P.O. Box 304, Exton PA 19341


Home for Felix and His Mom