Ending Roadblocks Ending Homelessness

The need for Bridge of Hope is escalating as the impact from the pandemic grows. Lena* was hoping to get a better job and pay off her debt last year but childcare and jobs were scarce. The debt was overdue and overwhelming, which impacted her ability to move forward.  She and her children lived with various friends and family for more than a year, hoping to save money. But, she kept hitting roadblocks at every turn and couldn’t get through her hardships alone. What Lena needs most, beside housing, is support — encouragement, a plan, and financial help to get back on her feet.

Your gift by March 31 will help Lena and her children, and other families facing homelessness, remove the “roadblocks” and receive neighboring support through Bridge of Hope.

  • $40 provides one day of rental assistance
  • $100 provides a week of case management services for a family
  • $700 will help one new community begin serving families through Bridge of Hope
  • $1,000 provides training and support for Neighboring Volunteers to walk alongside a family


GIVE TODAY to End Homelessness


photo of a mother and her two children



Ending Roadblocks Ending Homelessness