Bridging the (Pandemic) Gap

Over the past year, calls for help have more than doubled at Bridge of Hope locations. Families are facing desperate situations. The Pandemic has compounded economic disparity, families are facing homelessness in desperate circumstances with lost jobs, income, and many are without the support of family and friends.

  • Luisa called in tears, she lost her job cleaning offices, and hasn’t been able to pick up enough work to pay her rent. She and her son are living between their car and her sister’s house.
  • Amber left several messages one weekend with pleas for help. She said “I never had to ask for help before, I don’t know how to do this.” Her landlord has asked her to move out by next weekend.
  • LaToya’s mother died of COVID-19, and she and her children could not afford the rent without her, so they moved to a shelter. She wants to find a place she can afford, where she feels like her children will be safe.

For these women and others like them, a gap is widening. They struggle with gaps in housing, employment, income, racial equity, and belonging. Families facing homelessness need better jobs, sustainable housing, friendship and support through neighboring, cultural humility and encouragement to accomplish their goals. They need Bridge of Hope.

Donate Today


Your gift toward our goal of $100,000 this summer will help bridge these gaps for more families.

  • Bridge the financial gap to help more families:
    • Increased rental assistance needs
    • New part-time Program Consultation Specialist for the six new locations and to serve the increasing numbers of families
    • New part-time social worker/case-manager
  • Bridge the racial equity gap:
    • New part-time Director of Cultural Humility
    • Program services Racial Equity Audit for the entire network
  • Bridge the love gap:
    • New resources for church engagement and post-pandemic neighboring during the great re-gathering
  • Bridge the education gap:
    • Education fund for certificates and degrees

With your help, Bridge of Hope can respond to the next call, and the following call, and the one after that. You can bridge the gap from homelessness to stability.

Bridge the Gap

If you prefer, you can mail a gift to Bridge of Hope at P.O. Box 304, Exton, PA 19341


Bridging the (Pandemic) Gap