A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Week of Prayer – November 13, 2016

Day of Prayer 2

“Is this not the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice…” Isaiah 58:6a

In the words of the prophet Isaiah we see a familiar theme, that of a God who desires the sacrifice of a pure heart and a love of justice. We are living in a time when injustice is all around us, but here as well the opportunity to show mercy and to loose the bonds of injustice. We can do the right thing for our neighbor, and we can discover in that neighbor the face and presence of God. The neighborly circles of hope that comprise Bridge of Hope are places where bonds are loosed. Places where “light shall break forth like the dawn.” In service we discover great blessing.

Heavenly Father, we pray for the opportunities for justice in the lives of all who come together in this ministry of hope and blessing. Amen.

Rev. William C. Snyder

William is the Vice President – Philanthropy & Community Engagement at Luthercare in Lititz, PA. He is a member of the board of Bridge of Hope National.


The devotionals from Nov. 13-19 will be archived here – and you can also download a prayer calendar.

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