I needed a miracle – and I found Bridge of Hope!

May 16, 2023

Courage and vulnerability were evident at our annual Gala Luncheon, this past Friday, as Jewell and Cathy both courageously shared their story as alumna of Bridge of Hope’s program.

Jewell is the mother of seven children who recently needed housing and support to get back on her feet after a divorce. Jewell says, “I needed a miracle” – and that’s when she found Bridge of Hope. To hear her story, click here.

Cathy needed Bridge of Hope over 20 years ago. Cathy said, “Bridge of Hope helped my family through a difficult time back in the year 2000 and that influence is still being felt 20-some years later. Facing impossible choices is hard, but Bridge of Hope has left me with valuable lessons to help find my way through.” Today, Cathy has helped start a Bridge of Hope with her church in Blair County, PA.

Gala speaker, best-selling author Niro Feliciano, also spoke with deep authenticity about the importance of connection. She shared that the epidemic of loneliness and isolation is as toxic for our health as is smoking 15 cigarettes per day. She also reminded us that brain research shows that connection (through giving, neighboring, etc.) “lights up the pleasure and reward centers in the brain.”

“If you give someone hope,” Niro shared, “you give them dignity and a change of mindset. HOPE = Healing = Wholeness.”

Hope is a gift that we are giving every day to families facing homelessness. Who might you offer hope to today?

Edith Yoder, CEO

Reminder that gifts to the Elizabeth Hagey Memorial fund will be matched through Saturday, May 20.

We are delighted to welcome Bridge of Hope Greater Warren, Virginia to the Bridge of Hope network! One of the co-founders of this new affiliate is a graduate from Bridge of Hope Harrisonburg-Rockingham who moved to Front Royal, Virginia and realized the desperate need in her new community for a Bridge of Hope program! Congratulations to this founding board as they begin the work of ending family homelessness in Warren County, VA! To learn how you might volunteer with them, visit here.

Do you golf? Join us for our 20th anniversary Golf Classic on July 25. Many businesses have already signed up to sponsor and send a foursome!

I needed a miracle – and I found Bridge of Hope!