What is adding splashes of joy to your life this Easter season?

April 25, 2022

Lanaya is two years old and recently toddled in the front door of her new home, after spending four months in a domestic violence shelter with her mom. This little girl is full to the brim of joy and chatter. And my hope is that she never remembers this time of homelessness!

Lanaya’s mom, Ashley, found Bridge of Hope when she called a local hotline for those needing social services. Reflecting on her experience, Ashley said, “I hope I never have a year like 2021 again. I’m feeling hope for the first time in so long. And I’m going to make an Easter dinner in our new home, just for Lanaya and I.”

Neighboring Volunteer, Alyse, is finding meaning in living out her faith by loving her neighbors, Lanaya and Ashley. “This is what the love of Jesus is all about – getting to love on Ashley and Lanaya. I love seeing the new hope Ashley is experiencing this Easter season as she finally has a place to call home. And to see Lanaya running around their new home, happy and safe, is like a splash of joy. I hope we can keep helping them open doors to new life, new hope and a whole new community of people who love them both.”

What’s bringing you joy this Easter season? When we bring joy to others, we are often surprised to experience joy as well.

In these days as we celebrate a Risen Christ, might this be the time for you to consider Neighboring or other ways of involvement with a family facing homelessness? You might be surprised with little splashes of joy as you find ways to love a neighbor facing homelessness.


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What is adding splashes of joy to your life this Easter season?