A Shelter as a Baby’s First Home

December 21, 2021

Newborns twins, like Damion and Destiny, as well as Xander, Jasmina, Shantelle and Elijah, have all had a shelter as their first home. And yes, we could add Emmanuel to this list. For God comes to us each Christmas in the form of a helpless infant, whose parents tucked him into bed in a make-shift shelter that was his first home. And this infant in a stable is the One we follow, as we learn to love our neighbors, encourage the vulnerable and find room in the inn for families with no place to go.

Kendra (click here to watch her story) has experienced her Bridge of Hope Neighboring Volunteers as a catalyst for healing in her life that has been riddled with challenges and trauma. Her Neighboring Volunteers have become friends who walk with her as she finds housing, love and support her daughter, and help her build stability and hope for their future.

This Christmas, as we remember that the One we celebrate this season began life as a vulnerable newborn in a make-shift shelter, I join Kendra in saying thank you for your care for moms and their children seeking housing!

This baby really does change everything.

A Joyous Noel to you and your family,

Edith Yoder, CEO


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A Shelter as a Baby’s First Home