Are you ready to make new memories?

October 26, 2021

Jesse is turning 3 years old next month and has spent over half of his life in a homeless shelter. But this month, Jesse and his momma, Brittany*, moved into their own apartment. Brittany completed a job training program and a few weeks ago started a new job. Brittany and Jesse were delighted to walk in the front door of their new apartment. After 18 months in a homeless shelter, Brittany says, “We are ready to make new memories.”

I thought of Brittany as I was watching the new Netflix series, Maid, episode 1, which seems to capture the sheer aloneness and shock of becoming homeless.

Who will walk with you…

  • when you can’t get a job after finishing a job training program, because you can’t afford a car and the bus route doesn’t pass both the daycare and potential employers?
  • when you can’t find someone to watch your son while you go to job interviews, but you can’t take your son on interviews with you?
  • when you can’t save money for a security deposit because you are getting job training, so you can find a job that pays more than minimum wage?

The unbearable aloneness, in the midst of domestic violence, single parenting, or living in homeless shelters, can feel overwhelming.

Bridge of Hope – and Neighboring Volunteers from churches, Bible studies or small groups – are holding out hope to families facing homelessness every day. Being present with a single mom who feels so alone. Showing up for a child who is struggling. Seeing strengths in a teen with learning differences. Throwing a birthday party for a little boy who finally has his own bedroom.

Are you ready to help a family make new memories? Are you ready to neighbor?


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Are you ready to make new memories?