What’s your loaves and fishes moment from this past year?

April 22, 2021

Deirdre* was fleeing domestic violence, living in a hotel with her four children, which includes two teens. Several months in a single hotel room, in the midst of the pandemic, well – you can imagine their delight in moving into their own home earlier this month. Deirdre has experienced much trauma in her lifetime, and her eyes welled up with emotion as she expressed gratitude in finding a home to rent with help from her Neighboring Volunteers.

Deirdre and her children are 5 reasons your support of Bridge of Hope has made an impact!

March 31 ended our fiscal year and I am celebrating your impact! You made it possible for us to serve a record number of families this past year, with a record number of Neighboring churches stepping forward to help make it happen! In fact, we have increased the number of parents/children served by 50%, reaching and exceeding our three-year strategic plan goal in just 2 years!

Recently Bill Snyder, our national board chair, and I reflected back on the past 12 months, and how God multiplied loaves and fishes for families facing homelessness in Bridge of Hope. I invite you to listen in on our Fireside Chat.

I join Bill, our board chair, in saying “Thank you for multiplying the sturdy bridges of hope for families facing homelessness.” For families like Deirdre and her children, having a Bridge of Hope truly matters. I’m curious, what were your loaves and fishes moments this past year?

Wishing you the simple joys of spring sunshine, raindrops and daffodils.

Edith Yoder
Chief Executive Officer


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What’s your loaves and fishes moment from this past year?