One mom, one toddler, one teenager 

March 16, 2021

Following Jesus means we care about the one. The one mom (like Anna), the one toddler, the one teenager. It’s like the story Jesus tells of the woman who looked everywhere for the one lost coin. We are to pour extravagant hospitality and love into the one person. And the spirit that we bring to relationships with families facing homelessness is what will make the difference: openness, humility, gentle love. These qualities bring a mutuality to relationships and offer dignity and respect.

Following Jesus looks a lot like Pearl, a Neighboring Volunteer whose simple acts of offering a meal, picking up a child after school and getting down on her hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor on the day a family moved out of a shelter and into their own place – these things all looked a lot like Jesus to me. Recently, Pearl passed into the loving arms of Jesus. Her love as a Neighbor is a lasting legacy.

Following Jesus. That’s our first Bridge of Hope value.

Who is one person who needs neighboring love today?

Edith Yoder
Chief Executive Officer


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One mom, one toddler, one teenager