Finding Hope in Advent

December 1, 2019

This post marks the first day of Advent.  Though it’s a Sunday, traditionally a day of worship and rest, December 1 is also a signal that things are about to get hectic.  Holiday shopping, travel and other preparations can distract us from what we might instead be doing over these next four weeks – opening ourselves to Jesus’ message to love our neighbor as we seek to live out God’s kingdom here on earth.

While considering meaningful ways to travel through this season myself, I realized that the roadmap I sought was actually right in front of me. The four roles we describe for Bridge of Hope Neighboring Volunteers seem to me exactly what Jesus would have us do as we celebrate His birth and look forward to His second coming.

Accordingly, the tenets I am committed to living out in prayer and action over the next four weeks, with those known to me and unknown to me, are:

  1. Opening My Eyes – May I remember to observe and react with curiosity and humility
  2. Opening My Heart – May I be unselfish in reaching out with support and encouragement
  3. Opening My Hands – May I be generous in sharing my time, talent and treasure
  4. Opening Doors – May I be courageous in making connections to benefit others

May your path also become clear!

Andrea Popielski
Chief Mission Officer

Finding Hope in Advent