Opening Doors for Others Reminds Us of What We are Grateful For

November 19, 2018

How often do I pause and remember with gratitude the many ways that friends and family have opened doors for me in my lifetime?  My mom’s social network helped me land my first job in junior high.  Pastor Andy and Dot Leatherman suggested I come home from Ireland and apply to Bridge of Hope 28 years ago and opened the door to a life-calling for me.  Dr. John Eby wrote a grad school reference that I’m sure helped open the door for admission.  This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the many people who have opened doors for me!

I’m guessing that you too have experienced open doors.

Recently, Sylvia, in Bridge of Hope had a horrible-no-good-day.  She lost her job and as she was stressing about that on her drive home, she had an accident and totaled her car. But thankfully her Neighboring Volunteers immediately brought their social capital to bear, and opened doors. With their help, Sylvia found another job and a borrowed car to use within the week.

At Bridge of Hope, opening doors and using your social capital to benefit a family facing homelessness is one of the four roles of neighboring.  Check out this brief video of author, Margot Starbuck, from our new Strangers to Neighbors volunteer training curriculum.

Every day, Neighboring Volunteers at Bridge of Hope are opening doors for families facing homelessness.  For Sarah, her Neighboring Volunteers helped her get her medical certificate so she didn’t need to work multiple jobs and could have more time with her young children.  Watch Sarah’s story.

This week, I hope we will all take time to give thanks and remember the people who have opened doors for us.  And then maybe we can take the time to open a door and leverage our own social capital on behalf of someone else.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Edith Yoder
Executive Director

Opening Doors for Others Reminds Us of What We are Grateful For