What does it Mean to Come to the Table?

October 16, 2018

At Bridge of Hope, we’ve been talking a lot about what it means to come to the table.  Jesus often used the imagery of a banquet table in parables and stories.  I love the way an ordinary table can become a place of welcome and safety when we invite a family facing homelessness to be our guest.  At Bridge of Hope, we call it neighboring.

Earlier this month, our annual Bridge of Hope conference focused on the theme “Come to the Table.” One of our conference speakers was author, Shannan Martin and she talked about “When the table gets messy.”  I love being reminded that our work is in the daily messiness of ordinary places.  That’s actually the topic of her newest book, which is hot of the press last week titled The Ministry of Ordinary Places.

Shannan inspired our board and staff who gathered around tables at our conference, from across our 19 Bridge of Hope locations, to remember that getting a family into a home will “fundamentally shift their family tree.”  The ordinariness of home is a precious gift after a family has experienced the trauma and fear that surrounds them when faced with no place for their children to come home to.  Here’s a brief clip from Shannan’s session at the conference. (Click here to view photos from the conference!)

In the months ahead, you’ll hear more from me about Coming to the Table.  We come to the table to partner with God in the work that God is doing in our world.  We come to the table by neighboring a family facing homelessness.  It’s an ordinary, shared experience – just like eating a meal together.

Pull up a chair!  Come to the Table!


Edith Yoder
Executive Director

What does it Mean to Come to the Table?