Are You Praying With Your Feet?

January 11, 2018

With Martin Luther King Day a few days away, I’ve been thinking of a story I read about Rev. King and Rabbi Joshua Heschel, leaders from two different faiths, who walked together through the streets of Selma and spoke of the importance of “praying with our feet.

When we act with God, we are praying with our feet. Doing. Making a difference. Bridge of Hope Neighboring Volunteers are praying with their feet when they engage as a Neighbor with a family facing homelessness.

As people of faith, we can lead the way in demonstrating kindness to our neighbors – whether our neighbor lives next door, across town, or has no place to call home. If you are looking for ways to pray with your feet – here are 50 ways to show kindness to your neighbor.

Praying with my feet – it’s acting with God to shine Christ’s light in our world – bringing kindness and making our world a better Quick Links Our Website Start a Bridge of Hope Find A Bridge of Hope Connect with Us place. It’s living out the call of the prophet Isaiah (see Isaiah 40:9 and Micah 6:8). It’s an act of faith and prayer in our world where homelessness and poverty have become oh-so- normal. Join me. Follow Dr. Martin Luther King’s example of praying with your feet. Join the Bridge of Hope Neighboring movement.

With you on the journey of praying with my feet,

Edit Yoder
Executive Director

Are You Praying With Your Feet?