A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Pup Ozzy and his family have a new home

Regina, her children Dalton and Abby, and their dog Ozzy, are the first family being served by Bridge of Hope @ Love Chapel (in Columbus, IN).  Before finding Bridge of Hope, Regina was facing a future with “no housing, no job, and no hope.”

Regina found an apartment (with room for Ozzy), and Bridge of Hope helped with rental assistance, finding work, and budgeting. Regina’s mentors are from Sandy Hook United Methodist Church. Mentor Brandi Rodriguez likes that Bridge of Hope is about “creating relationships and a support network – to help others see lasting change.”

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The possibility of having to find a new home for a beloved pet is traumatic for children, who have already experienced much trauma as part of their own homelessness, as these two videos show.   And here is the story of one family that did have to find a new home for their pet as they faced homelessness.

*photo by Sharon Shipley for The Republic