A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Graduate’s Poem

LaTanya, the first graduate of Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area (PA), wrote this poem:


Just wanted to give
For all you’ve done for
Because I know that
without you
Who knows where I
would be.

I’ve been blessed in so
many ways,
I don’t know where to

What I’m about to say,
it goes to you and it
comes straight from my

I’ve been through some
things in my lifetime that
most people, they can’t
but if I may say through a
lot of tough times
it was you guys holding
my hand.

You should all be proud
of the woman I’ve come
to be because I know that
thanks to you
I found out who was me.

During her time with Bridge of Hope, LaTanya was a single mother with four children, ages four to 11 months. Her mentoring group was nine people from Grantham Brethren in Christ Church. Laurie, one of the mentors, says the most important thing she learned is “that frequent, regular everyday contacts are better than a few big ones.” LaTanya said how she appreciated the phone calls from her mentors. “It always seemed like they would call at just the right time…when I really needed someone to talk to.”