A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

From Surviving to Thriving

Because of her mother’s drug and alcohol addictions, Stacy was raised by her grandmother.  When her grandmother died, Stacy found herself homeless at the age of 15 and experiencing health issues.  Despite these obstacles, Stacy worked multiple jobs while finishing high school and getting an associate’s degree.  She seemed to be thriving for four years, but then life collapsed around her – cancer, multiple surgeries, large legal fees, school loans and mounting medical bills, and then the birth of a child.

Even while trying to survive though these daunting problems, Stacy took the brave step to move out of her drug-addicted brother’s home because she knew this would not be a good environment for her child.  As a consequence of the move, for over four months Stacy lived day-to-day, not knowing where she and her son would lay their heads that night.

But a referral to Bridge of Hope changed everything.  With the help of Bridge of Hope staff and the mentoring group from a local church, Stacy has been able to find more stability than she has known for a very long time.  She now has her own apartment, a job in her chosen field, a blossoming child, a strong network of caring friends, and safety for her and her son.  Although she still struggles, Bridge of Hope is a lifeline that she knows is taking her from just surviving to thriving.

from Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area (PA)