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Featured Women of Hope

check presentation Signature committee & EYSpring 2015 – Ruth Ann Martin

This quarter we name Ruth Ann Martin as our Woman of Hope.  For the past 11 years, Ruth Ann provided leadership for the annual Golf Classic.  The July event, hosted by Signature Custom Cabinetry and Bomberger’s Store, has raised $449,163 for Bridge of Hope National’s work.  During that time, the Bridge of Hope network has grown from 5 locations to 22 locations.

Ruth Ann, who will retire from Signature Custom Cabinetry this June, has handled the administration of each Golf Classic and provided leadership by recruiting golfers, sponsors, and food and door prize donors and coordinating the meals and giveaway bag that each golfer receives.  Her outstanding organization and attention to detail has made the event one that sponsors and golfers want to participate in year after year.

Please join us in thanking Ruth Ann for her leadership and service and wishing her joy in her retirement.

Click here for info about golfing, sponsoring, or donating a door prize for the annual Golf Classic (which is always the 4th Tuesday in July).

 Summer 2014 – Shadell Quinones

We feel so blessed to have Shadell as a Bridge of Hope National Board Member.  She is a strong advocate for Bridge of Hope and single mothers.  Shadell is the Adoption Manager with the Chester County Department of Children, Youth and Families.  She holds a Master Degree in Social Work from Bryn Mawr College, and is the mother of a young adult woman.  Shadell is also a graduate of Bridge of Hope Lancaster & Chester Counties.

Shadell’s life experiences have impacted her approach to her career.  As a “youth that aged out of the foster care system, I continue to have passion to work with children and families.  I feel that I have a compassion and sensitivity that is unique to those of us that have personally experienced the Child Welfare System.  …  I am a lover of justice and fight for those that don’t have a voice.”

As a Bridge of Hope National Board Member, Shadell says she has found a way to give back to and touch lives in the same way that her life was touched and transformed.  Shadell is gifted in hearing beyond words that are spoken, approaches everyone with sensitivity and looks for the best in each of us.  Thank you Shadell for blessing Bridge of Hope with your gifts and your voice!


Spring 2014 – Lucy Weber

Lucy was the very first person to join Women of Hope for Bridge of Hope National.  Lucy’s concern for families facing homelessness comes from her parents’ example of caring for neighbors.  One time, Lucy’s family (of seven) provided housing for a mother and her three young children for several months.  Today, two of Lucy’s five grandchildren (siblings) joined the family via foster care/adoption.

Lucy taught home economics, ran a catering business, and launched All Seasons Kitchen at King’s Quality Foods in Mohnton, PA.  She recently retired and volunteers with the Reading Hospital’s cuddler program in the neonatal intensive care unit.   Lucy and her husband Glenn attend Pine Grove Church in Bowmansville, PA.

Lucy’s support of Bridge of Hope National is in loving memory of her parents, Fannie and Thomas Yoder, who taught her the importance of the church opening “doors of hope” for once-homeless single mothers and providing security and hope for their children.


Winter 2014 – Ruth Weaver

Ruth Weaver is a bright light – one of those people whose steady, wise counsel makes you feel focused and stronger and valued.  Ruth and her husband Richard were supporters of Bridge of Hope from the early years.  As medical professionals involved in their community, they embraced the mission of ending homelessness, both locally and nationally.  Ruth served on the Boards of Bridge of Hope Lancaster & Chester Counties and then Bridge of Hope National from 2002-2010.  One of Ruth’s gifts of leadership on our board was her ability to sense God’s working and the Spirit’s movement even in the processing of difficult decisions. Currently Ruth enjoys her grandchildren, reading and providing spiritual direction by walking with other women on their spiritual journeys.

In response to the question about how she keeps her spirit strong, Ruth said:  “Meditation and prayer are important parts of my daily journey at this point in my life; I consciously work at rejecting negativity (and avoid most of the news).  I am practicing gratitude every day and looking for moments of grace along the way.  I love the Mary Oliver line in one of her poems:  “Pay attention; be astonished; tell about it.” And learning to laugh – at myself and at the comic moments in daily living.”

We honor Ruth as a Woman of Hope because of her inspiring mindfulness in faith and life.   


Fall 2013 – Dot Leatherman

Dot Leatherman has been a friend of Bridge of Hope in many capacities; as a supporter both  prayerfully and financially, and as an employee who developed the Family Building Program, and worked as the Family & Child Specialist for ten years at Bridge of Hope Lancaster & Chester Counties (PA).  Dot most recently served on the committee to plan the Founder’s Luncheon celebrating the 25th anniversary of Bridge of Hope Lancaster & Chester Counties. 

But her relationship with Bridge of Hope stems back to the beginning conversations that took place at Sandy Hill Community Church in Coatesville, PA.

In the late 1980s Dot’s husband, Andy, was pastoring Sandy Hill Community Church, and preached a sermon on outreach and involvement in the community.  It was a time of dire need in Coatesville, and as many of you know the story, Bridge of Hope grew out of those early conversations and commitment to action.  You may not know that it was Dot and Andy who first encouraged Edith Yoder to apply for the position of Director at Bridge of Hope 23 years ago!

Dot’s education and lifetime focus has been on providing educational opportunities for children at risk.  She developed a vibrant community preschool program at Sandy Hill, worked for Head Start in both Lancaster County (PA) and South Bronx (NY), and her career culminated in the role of Family & Child Specialist for Bridge of Hope.  She said, “I marveled at how this work brought together skills I had learned in all of my past experiences,” both personal and professional. 

Dot is now retired, and spends time with her mother, children and grandchildren, volunteering with her husband for Habitat for Humanity and Mennonite Disaster Service, and serving as Director of Christian Ed at their church.   Dot is the Fall 2013 Woman of Hope because of her 25 years of commitment and action on behalf of homeless families and mentoring churches. 

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