A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Friendships that change us

Your gift today will provide safety, transformative friendships, & a home for children like Faye & Jon.


Thank you for helping to end homelessness for a family like Jeanne, Faye, & Jon.

Friendships that change us

Jeanne was 22 years old, with a one-year-old daughter, when she mustered up the courage to leave an abusive relationship. She found a room to rent, in a mobile home, for herself and her daughter, Faye, only to discover that she was pregnant again. The nurse who did her sonogram told her about Bridge of Hope. When the staff from Bridge of Hope @ Home Sweet Home Ministries called to welcome her into Bridge of Hope, Jeanne was shocked. “I was so used to having the door slammed in my face. I couldn’t believe they were willing to give me a chance.” 

Jeanne immediately met her Bridge of Hope mentoring friends from Vale Church. Pregnancy became a shared theme for this group of friends. Jeanne remembers, “I was pregnant and then several mentors got pregnant too. Being pregnant actually drew us together. Since I already had a child, they would ask me questions, like I was their mentor. I felt that I had something to offer our friendship. And now we have the cutest group of babies ever!”

Jeanne works second shift as a Dietary Aide at a nursing home. “It’s grueling work. I work hard to support my family. But I love our home.” She especially loves the hundreds of photos of Faye (age 3) and Jon (age 16 months) that she hung on her walls. “This is a safe and happy home.”

The friendships Jeanne made with her Bridge of Hope mentors, who demonstrated Christ’s love, were transformative. “I am definitely changed. I can’t even put my finger on it – I just feel very different from two years ago. I feel supported. I know my children are taken care of – because my mentors have changed me for the better. I gained friends – and so did Faye and Jon.”