A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

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Your Gift Helps End Family Homelessness


Your gift today helps to end homelessness
for a single mom and her children!

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Since 1989, Bridge of Hope as ended homelessness through three-way partnerships between homeless single mothers, trained church-based mentoring groups, and trained case managers.  

Women graduate from the Bridge of Hope program having attained:

  • permanent rental housing
  • financial stability through employment and budgeting
  • a support network of friends from a church in their community

End family homelessness all year by becoming a monthly donor or a Woman of Hope!  

Thank you.

Bridge of Hope Inc. (d.b.a. Bridge of Hope National) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization- donations to which are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. As required by the Pennsylvania Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, a copy of the official registration and financial information for Bridge of Hope Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within PA (800)732-0999.

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updated March 16, 2017

Sarah’s Story


Web-31Sarah’s daily work commute was four hours. The $8/hour that she earned as a residential aide did not cover her gas, insurance, rent, and child care expenses of $1,600+/ month. And, she had little time to spend with her sons.

Sarah had not been able to make time to study for and pass the medical assistant certificate test.

Her time with Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area (PA), which included temporary rental assistance, allowed Sarah to study (with help from her Bridge of Hope mentoring friends) and receive her medical assistant certification. This led to a higher paying job, and Sarah excelled at the budgeting skills she learned from her Bridge of Hope case manager.

Sarah’s new job is closer to home, and she has more time with her sons!

Web-10In this video, Denise shares about why she was a mentoring friend for Sarah and her sons – and how it was a blessing to her after the disappointment of not being able to adopt a second child.

Census data shows that roughly 40 percent of single-mother-headed families are poor. Education and professional certification can help moms to attain a higher-paying career.

The Sarah’s Story video explains: “Bridge of Hope is about reminding moms what their dreams were and then being there to support them while they work toward those goals.”

Since 1989, the Bridge of Hope model has ended and prevented homelessness for single mothers and their children. Bridge of Hope is a three-way partnership between a single mother, a social worker, and mentors from a local church who are trained to provide tangible supports and social capital.

Women graduate from Bridge of Hope having attained permanent rental housing, financial stability through employment and budgeting, and a network of support.

Bridge of Hope National has 21 locations in 12 states and Canada. Bridge of Hope @ Lutheran Services Carolinas served a family in partnership with Uptown Church (in Charlotte). They and Bridge of Hope @ Samaritas – Westland (in Detroit, MI) hope to serve additional Bridge of Hope families in the future.

For information about becoming a Bridge of Hope Program Site, contact Director of Outreach, Anne Dunnenberger. 866-670-HOPE ext. 1008

Maternity Home Forging a Bridge of Hope for Single Moms


Thanks to author Christy Brunke, the Pregnancy Help News included an article about Bridge of Hope.

The article was also picked up by the National Right to Life News.

Bridge of Hope is partnering with 2 maternity homes, Bridge of Hope @ Hannah’s House (Indiana) and Bridge of Hope @ Emma House (Calgary, Canada), to end homelessness for single moms & their children.

We look forward to partnering with other pregnancy help centers in the future, including those that are members of Heartbeat International.

1448920216snowoutofseasonfrontfinalWatch the story of Ashley and her mentoring friends from Bridge of Hope @ Hannah’s House. There are 3-minute and 10-minute versions of the video.

And, check out Christy’s book, Snow Out of Season.