A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Archive: Jan 2018

  1. Your Gift Helps End Family Homelessness

    Your gift today helps to end homelessness for a single mom and her children!        Since 1989, Bridge of Hope as ended homelessness through three-way partnerships between homeless single mothers, trained church-based mentoring groups, and trained case managers. Women graduate from the Bridge of Hope program having attained: permanent rental housing financial stability […]

  2. Maternity Home Forging a Bridge of Hope for Single Moms

      Thanks to author Christy Brunke, the Pregnancy Help News included an article about Bridge of Hope. The article was also picked up by the National Right to Life News. Bridge of Hope is partnering with 2 maternity homes, Bridge of Hope @ Hannah’s House (Indiana) and Bridge of Hope @ Emma House (Calgary, Canada), […]